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Hilite's philosophy is simple: to provide UK mailing list planning that delivers results for our clients. We offer you strategic advice and mailing list planning services.

Included in our list search tool are hundreds of lists that we manage and broker. Let us know if you find a mailing list that you are interested in and we'll start planning your campaign today!

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  1. This is an exciting list of predominantly gambling buyers. The file consists mostly of horse racing gamblers who have purchased a range of gambling products such as; magazines, systems and tipping services. The average order spend is valued at £50.00. If this is an area you would like to influence, we would strongly advise you give this list a test.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 16,091
  2. This is a list of buyers of natural treatments, such as Bladder Aid & Bladder Control Formula, the only doctor endorsed, clinically formulated natural treatment for Urinary Incontinence.

    Base price: £145.00 |
    Quantity: 14,000
  3. This is a list of customers who have purchased Ebay Business Opportunity DVD's. All customers have spent a minimum of £59.00 and are all buyers and multi-buyers.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 10,123
  4. This new Gambling list consists of subscribers to a Racing Tips System. All customers have spent between £250 - £900, mostly on Credit Card.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 5,565
  5. Like most small files, Inside Info could prove to be worth a test, especially as its minimum order is only 1,000. It’s a list of people who have joined a horse race tipping service recently, and who have paid either £49 for a month's trial or up to £699 for a one-year subscription. 

    Base price: £160.00 |
    Quantity: 5,397
  6. These people have enquired about overseas properties in the Costa Blanca area of Spain. The properties range in value from £50,000 to £250,000. All the names have been collected from press advertising. With the stock market becoming more and more volatile, many people are looking for other channels in which to invest their cash. 

    Base price: £120.00 |
    Quantity: 3,000
  7. All of the people on this list have bought an entrepreneurial book entitled "HOW TO HARVEST THE AWESOME PROFIT POWER OF THE INTERNET" . These buyers have all paid £34.96 for a copy of this money-making book. All names have been generated exclusively by direct mail activity.

    Base price: £120.00 |
    Quantity: 4,462
  8. This database is from the desk of serial Internet Entrepreneur, Simon Coulson.  He has taken his list of customers through a raft of Internet education programs and workshops.  Although it's not possible to segment by which program the buyer attended, all have spent money and some have invested up to £10,000 in mentoring.

    Base price: £185.00 |
    Quantity: 4,784
  9. This file contains the names of people who have used the Internet to gamble on horses and other sporting events. The vast majority of individuals on this file have gambled in hundreds rather than then tens of pounds

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 5,491
  10. This file consists of Buyers, Multi-Buyers and Responders who have spent an average of £100 each on business opportunity related products and services on how to make money on the Internet.

    Base price: £170.00 |
    Quantity: 2,170
  11. This wholly U.K. generated database consists of people who are looking to make their fortunes using the Internet and e-Commerce. This file is updated on a quarterly basis.

    Base price: £120.00 |
    Quantity: 2,631
  12. All of the individuals on this list have attended a variety of training workshops, organised and run by Win Investing. The purpose of these workshops is to educate attendees on how to achieve success in the investment market. Attendees are paying in excess of £1,800 for a three day course. All names on this file have been generated by direct mail or national advertising in the press or broadcast media.

    Base price: £155.00 |
    Quantity: 86,059
  13.  This list has been generated through attracting investors and traders to exhibitions and seminars in London over the last five years. The list members receive regular newsletters with market updates, news of events, and new products and systems for investors in stocks, forex and alternatives.

    Base price: Please see Datacard |
    Quantity: 19,000
  14. This is a list of buyers who purchase a number of natural products to keep joints and bones healthy to lead an active and independent life.

    Base price: £125.00 |
    Quantity: 220,000
  15. This list consists of subscribers to Karl Zanft's horse racing newsletter - entitled the Karl Dennis Raceletter which tracks a vast array of Gambling tipsters in the UK and offers an overview of them all, updated by Karl himself.

    Base price: £185.00 |
    Quantity: 992
  16. This small but very responsive file comprises people who have responded to a Direct Mail promotion, which help set up the buyers as home entrepreneurs.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 533
  17. LandlordZONE is a free access website for landlords and agents involved in letting property - novice and experienced alike.  The site has been helping landlords and agents to manage their investment properties successfully since 1999.

    Base price: See datacard |
    Quantity: 107,000
  18. This is a list of people who have all bought at least one money making manual from Hill Worldwide. All of these people are mail order buyers (average order value £39.95. These names have been generated via advertisements in the business opportunity press.

    Base price: £120.00 |
    Quantity: 2,964
  19. This is a list of people who have all purchased "The Lazy Mans Essential Guide To Immediate Personal Prosperity & Financial Success". These buyers have paid between £30.00 - £40.00 via mail order.

    Base price: £120.00 |
    Quantity: 9,625
  20. This is a list of gambling enthusiasts who have spent £20+ on a Horse Racing Selection System. Males make up the majority of the file (89%). These products have been promoted through direct mail, on off-the-page advertising activity. This file is updated on a quarterly basis.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 5,905