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Hilite's philosophy is simple: to provide UK mailing list planning that delivers results for our clients. We offer you strategic advice and mailing list planning services.

Included in our list search tool are hundreds of lists that we manage and broker. Let us know if you find a mailing list that you are interested in and we'll start planning your campaign today!

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  1. Global Property Guide is a site for residential property investors who want to buy houses or apartments in other countries.  Subscribers receive two types of emails - independent analyses of international property markets and also property offers.

    Base price: Please see Datacard |
    Quantity: 30,000
  2. Dean Hudson has recruited these gambling clients predominantly via a high volume of direct mailings over the past two years.  Subscribers have paid fees between £49 and £899 for membership of a daily horse racing advisory service and are proven responders to direct mail promotions.

    Base price: £195.00 |
    Quantity: 9,001
  3. This file present mailers with the opportunity to reach proven astrology offer buyers. A significant proportion of this file has been collected over the past 12 months and this list is growing fast! Monthly hotline names & some telephone data can be selected.

    Base price: £100.00 |
    Quantity: 85,702
  4. Set up in the early 190's by Philip Jenks and Stephen Eckett and is now the UK's leading publisher of books on finance, investment and trading.

    Base price: Please see Datacard |
    Quantity: 33,000
  5. This list consists of active and lapsed subscribers from WALLACE PRESS. Annual publications include ‘What the Doctor’s Don’t Tell You’ and ‘Proof!’. Individuals will pay £44.95 and £24.75 respectively for an annual subscription. This file also contains 6,962 health book buyers and has a female bias (78%).

    Base price: £100.00 |
    Quantity: 34,990
  6. This exclusive database contains some of the most responsive Health mail order buyers from across the whole of the UK.  Many are multibuyers and are typically aged 50+. 

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 398,958
  7. Horse Race Tip Buyers and Gambling System Buyers are always a responsive bunch of people to approach and this list, built exclusively by direct mail, is one of the most comprehensive collections of gambling names on the market.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 28,007
  8. This file contains the names of proven mail order buyers who have spent at least £100.00 for a turn-key Internet Business. The typical customer profile shows that these individuals are interested in making big sums of money from a part-time, home based Internet Business

    Base price: £175.00 |
    Quantity: 6,773
  9. This is the customer list of CMS Publications, a company which sells a variety of moneymaking books and courses.

    Base price: £185.00 |
    Quantity: 10,999
  10. This is a list of people who have all requested information about a business opportunity scheme based around the Motor Trade. Some of these people have gone on to buy a manual costing £495.00.

    Base price: £100.00 |
    Quantity: 1,210
  11. This database consists of Mail Order Buyers of High-ticket in-car electrics such as:- in-car TV's, navigation systems and radar 'speed trap' detectors.

    Base price: £120.00 |
    Quantity: 36,000
  12. This is the customer list of Phildee Ltd, a company that sells a Home Publishing Course as a Business Opportunity. The course is sold between £217.00 - £267.00. All of these names have been collected via direct response methods, including off the page advertisements and direct mail.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 1,429
  13. This is a list of 'success-orientated' people who want to work from home. Home-preneurs sell a whole range of products froma £19 ebook, a £97 CD set, a £4,000 a year coaching course to a £15,000 licence. 

    Base price: £120.00 |
    Quantity: 19,064
  14. Homebuilding and Renovating magazine is a complete guide to creating an individually designed home.  Each monthly issue contains inspirational case studies of successful homebuilding projects, with cost and supplier information, as well as expert advice and design ideas.

    Base price: Please see Datacard |
    Quantity: 142,000
  15. This file contains buyers of Pure Hoodia Diet Pills. They have been collected largely via press advertising. The average order value is £29.95. 

    Base price: £100.00 |
    Quantity: 9,526
  16. This is a highly responsive gambling/investor list from Select Marketing.  Each person on this file has paid £100 membership fee and a continuing subscription of £60 per month to receive professional Investment orientated Gambling information of the highest quality.

    Base price: £200.00 |
    Quantity: 877
  17. This is a highly responsive Gambling / Investor list from Select Marketing. Each person on this file has paid a £100.00 membership fee and a continuing subscription of £60.00 per month to receive professional investment orientated gambling information of the highest quality.

    Base price: £185.00 |
    Quantity: 5,448
  18. Horse Racing Syndicate members is a brand new gambling list.  This is a highly responsive list, compiled of gambling enthusiasts.

    Base price: £180.00 |
    Quantity: 4,437
  19. This gambling file consists of active and lapsed members of a daily horse racing tipping service.  Subscribers were recruited via direct mail, press advertising and internet promotion.  Fees charged are from £20 up to £950.

    Base price: £170.00 |
    Quantity: 10,854
  20. This IMC (International Marketing Center) file, contains the names of English speaking opportunists who wish to try their luck at winning one of the massive jackpots on offer from El Gordo - the world famous Spanish National Lottery.

    Base price: £95.00 |
    Quantity: 94,148