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Hilite's philosophy is simple: to provide UK mailing list planning that delivers results for our clients. We offer you strategic advice and mailing list planning services.

Included in our list search tool are hundreds of lists that we manage and broker. Let us know if you find a mailing list that you are interested in and we'll start planning your campaign today!

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  1. This select list of gambling enthusiasts has a high percentage of multi-buyers of horse racing information services. Typical subscription costs paid by these devoted betting fans range between trial fees of £49 up to three-year memberships costing £1,595.

    Base price: £190.00 |
    Quantity: 6,861
  2. AAA Gamblers is one of a number of gambling lists which Hilite has recently taken on management of.  Smaller lists are often a mailer's best friend as the individuals on these files are often more qualified buyers than those from a larger list.

    Base price: £195.00 |
    Quantity: 1,307
  3.  Accolade Publishing are the UK's longest running competition newsletter publisher dating back 25 years. Titles include Competitors Companion, Prize Draw Winner, Everyone's a Winner, First Prize and Prize Finder, and are all available on a subscription basis. These monthly titles cost between £15 and £60 per annum and all subscribers are recruited by direct response, inserts and direct mail.

    Base price: £120.00 |
    Quantity: 400,000
  4. is a highly targeted website focusing on providing quality contents to forex traders.  Whether you're a forex broker, financial services providers or a product vendor, provides information that their subscribers want to receive.

    Base price: Please see Datacard |
    Quantity: 43,000
  5.  This list consists of people who are currently looking to start a business or money making venture of their own. All people on this list have bought in the past 2 years and currently reside in the United Kingdom. All the names have been collected by National Press advertising campaigns. This file is updated on a monthly basis.

    Base price: £85.00 |
    Quantity: 32,882
  6.  * Recently Updated * This fantastic database offers you the chance to rent some of the most highly responsive health buyer names on the market. All names have purchased a book written by leading health writer Dr. Sarah Brewer detailing the remarkable benefits of Magnetic Therapy. Each person has also received a free pack of Acumed Magnetic Therapy patches with their order. This file is updated monthly.

    Base price: £130.00 |
    Quantity: 47,501
  7.  This list is comprised of serious gamblers. All names on this file have bought manuals on horse racing betting, football and greyhound gambling. Thye have all spent between £59 and £297 on the manuals. The manuals were produced by an ex-bookmaker and are of a high quality.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 12,848
  8. ADVFN is a leading independent Stocks and Shares website in Europe providing real time financial data.  Subscribers have all signed up to be kept up to date with the latest movement in the market and have a keen interest in trading.

    Base price: Please see Datacard |
    Quantity: 120,000
  9.  All names on this database are affluent mail order buyers who have purchased one or more health products. They have all been recruited via direct mail, having received a sales letter regarding drug-free health remedies from a market leading mail-order company. Over 50% of the people on this list have spent over £150.00.

    Base price: £130.00 |
    Quantity: 111,289
  10.  This list contains habitual and seasoned investors who have invested in shares quoted on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and other unquoted shares (OFEX). These shares are less liquid than those quoted on the main London stock market and prices are much more volatile.

    Base price: £160.00 |
    Quantity: 250,000
  11. This list contains the names of investors who have made significant profits from a sector that has constantly outperformed the overall stock market. This database has been used by many companies trying to reach investors who are attracted to the property investment sector. If this is an area you are interested in targeting,we would advise giving this list a test.

    Base price: £160.00 |
    Quantity: 40,000
  12. Anti-Ageing products are bought by those wanting the confidence of renewed youthfulness and vitality to enhance the later years of their lives. Buyers have purchased from a range of hormone replacement, serum and natural supplements which all help prevent or reverse the ageing process.

    Base price: £135.00 |
    Quantity: 18,000
  13. The Aroma Direct range consists of highest quality essential oils and aromatherapy products, designed to pamper your well being. All products are featured in a full colour catalogue which is mailed six times per year. Customers also have the option to order online.

    Base price: £105.00 |
    Quantity: 97,000
  14. This is a list of people who have bought natural pain relief products to relieve the pain and symptoms associated with arthritis. Products include Celabolin, Revitalise and RestoreX.

    Base price: £125.00 |
    Quantity: 150,000
  15. Ashley Carr is a well-known horse-racing tipster who has been known to us for over 10 years now.  He is one of a small band of tipsters who mails regularly and adds fresh names and addresses to his file every few months.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 21,525
  16. This file consists of UK 100% direct mail buyers which have been carefully targeted with personalised psychic/ astrological reports. The people on this file strongly believe in destiny and fate, seeking the mystical guidance of distinguished psychics to reveal the mysteries of their future careers, love life and fortune. International Names Also Available!

    Base price: £105.00 |
    Quantity: 35,160
  17. This fresh file consists of both UK and International direct mail purchasers who have been carefully selected to receive an "Eligibility Certificate" from a highly recognised Angelic Clairvoyant. The Certificate outlines various unawarded prize opportunities on offer. Details of how to win a guaranteed prize are in a monthly Prize Notification Report. People have made either a one-off payment of $20.00 (approx £11) to receive one prize report or are paying $180.00 (approx £98) a year for a 12 month subscription.

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 6,836
  18.  NEW LIST * This database consists of buyers from a growing UK business opportunity. Automated Income Stream Ltd own the database which comprises business opportunity seekers who are actively interested in buying into a simple money making method which enables them to profit from diverse online revenue streams

    Base price: £150.00 |
    Quantity: 9,432
  19. These people have all paid £29.95 for a book detailing legal tax saving and avoidance loopholes. This book is an invaluable guide for pennywise individuals and has been promoted exclusively though direct mail.

    Base price: 150.00 |
    Quantity: 2,899
  20. This file is another highly responsive gambling list which Hilite manage.  Each person on this file has paid a membership fee of between £59 and £600 to receive professional gambling information of the highest quality.

    Base price: £210.00 |
    Quantity: 3,422