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Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Slow Delivery = More Refunds

I read an interesting article recently about customers’ expectations on delivery – not surprisingly “allow 28 days for delivery” is out. Remember, a lot of customers take a huge leap of faith in ordering from a company they might not know. They almost expect to be...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Your £25 Credit is about to Expire

Obviously, as you’re reading this item the headline must have caught your eye and you were intrigued by it.
Had it read “Your £25 discount voucher is enclosed” I’m sure you would have been far less interested. But to all intents and purposes it...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

I have an URGENT message for you

We've had a great deal of success using telephone marketing for our clients over the last few years. Not cold calling you understand, we've yet to find anyone who's made that work.
However, Phil met up with some interesting people when he attended a trade show in...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Be Like Bob ...

Below is a link to a copy of a letter I recently received from Iwoca offering Hilite a loan.


We weren't in the market for a loan but I was impressed with the copy.

They used the age...

Written by Mike Chantry | @hilitedirect

Don't mention the War ...

I enjoy reading all manner of autobiographies as you can nearly always pick up some real gems of wisdom.

Thomas Edison’s taught me about perseverance. He tried 10,000 versions of the lightbulb before he found one that worked.

Jean Paul Getty taught me about focus. In one...

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